Tuesday, 21 April 2015


A very last minute trip to Beer on the Jurassic Coast with my mother and the kids. We booked in the morning, threw everything in the car, drove the long way and arrived in the afternoon for a few days of exploring.

The little brother has to do just what his bog brother does...

Beer, Devon

Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring in the Grandparent's Garden

Easter Monday.
An egg hunt in the Grandparent's garden that was the epitome of Spring.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Garden Lovers

I went a bit over the top and tackled the garden in a big way. The grass is cut, and the lawn sorta edged. The borders weeded and cleared, the patio swept. Dead growth chopped and chucked, thirsty plants tended to, Petunias, Geraniums and Violas planted in. Just for fun.
It's almost a bit too tidy and empty right now, (not really "me") but I must remember that it's ok, because if I'm lucky, the Poppies will come again, and they will need their space.
And my love affair with the garden is back on track. 
We just needed a few dates, some one to one time.
A bit of romance.

Starting off with a few gardeny shots from a visit to Beer. Yes. BEER. A place worth visiting, even from the name alone.

This front garden was bella! But I didn't want to be the intrusive tourist, so this is as much as I would allow myself to snap.
I am so going to copy the flowers in the tray. And look back there on the table! Cut flowers. IN THE GARDEN. Who would have thought?!
It's like Real Life Country Living.

 Back to my own garden maintenance...
Lady Lavender has tidied herself up a bit:-)

I feel a little drum roll in my heart when I note the daily changes in the Acers. 

This is real. 
Real sky. Real blossom.
No filter.
Happening in my garden.
No edits in this post. Straight from the camera, keeping it real.

The Mud Pie Kitchen has been doing good business.
Note the weed garnishes:-) 

Breezy Rosemary. She smells so good.

There have been signs of a feathery struggle.

Flowers chosen by the little have actually been planted out.
And watered!
But the pots haven't even been de-webbed. 

Last year's growth cut away, so we can see the fronds unfurling.

The pallet planter suffered from neglect, and thirst. It's been moved, and laid flat to allow for much water to soak in and hold. It is now the Jurassic Park jungle.

 In other garden news, we have become suspicious that a pair of lovers other than Bob and Judith Troll have been using our garden for romantic rendezvous. While we wish them well, we are also setting booby traps, cctv and our fire hoses are at the ready.

Meanwhile, a random song for the garden lovers.


How Does Your Garden Grow