Friday, 20 February 2015

Family Day at Hill End

One day this half term, we escaped to Hill End on one of the Family Open Days. I can never get enough of days off with the kids, and this one was a good one.
Hill End

Following along the rope obstacle course, with eyes closed.

I think someone cheated a bit...

Close your eyes!

Appreciating the very old tree.

Stick + Mud + Water = Happy Kid.

The joy of discovering more mud.

Two paved paths on either side, he prefers the mud path.

A shameful moment when I got scared. The kids had already made it across and I tried to distract myself away from the nerves by taking a photo. 
While yelling for Big Son to please come and rescue me. 

This planting was popular with the kids. Ok, with all of us.

This trolley is for jammin'. 
And so are the pots and pans and barrels in the music area.

                                "I'm playing Guns n' Roses. But a different one. In Spanish."

There was a joyous bake off in the mud kitchen. A real highlight for the mud-lovers

and lucky me, I got to judge.

Mmmm...Tasty Stinky Slop Slops!

Note my hand holding his jacket, as he eyes up another massive puddle. I'm not that mean really, just a bit unorganized. I knew that I hadn't brought a change of clothes for any of us in the car, and we had to stop in shops on the way home.
I was also too excited to take the time to change into our sensible wellies for exploring. 
I could say that I won't make that mistake again, but I know that I will.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Greys Court

Last weekend was a busy one. There really wasn't much time for gallivanting about, so therefore; it was the best time to do it. 
Procrastination is great. 
I'm going to hold back on the words, as I fear that it would be too gushy, breathy and dreamy. This place was amazing. 

I nearly suggested that we skip the house tour. We have three kids. Two of them are rather lively, and I didn't think that they, or I would have much patience for another posh place with roped off rooms of fragile stuff. (I still have that teenage voice in my head. I confess.) 
I was pleased that we did. No photos were allowed, but it felt very homely and not overly posh or ornate. It felt like it had been lived in not so long ago. 

Highlights of the house were:
The pink "rug" on the toilet with a matching blanket underneath. (Little son)
The bidet in the bathroom. (Big son)
The records playing in the library. (Me)
A friendly volunteer baking cookies in the kitchen at the end of the tour. And you are invited to have one! (All of us)

A proud guardian.

Of course we explored the grounds, and I was delighted to find ruins, and secret garden after secret garden. I'm sure that things will be even better when in bloom, but for me, it was already perfect. 

So many gates and doors to be opened. He was loving it.

At this point, I didn't want to overwhelm everyone with my desire to see every bit of the gardens but before we moved on to the next one, I couldn't resist a little peak to see the end of this walled section. Just to make sure that we weren't missing anything.

Like this 120 year old Wisteria and Fern cove. 

He had a thing for this particular tree. 

The lone Daffodil. Ready and waiting.

No pictures to share of the fort in the play area, but it was a good one, with plenty of surrounding trees to climb and hide in.

The older kids had raced on ahead and I found them here playing pat-a-cake.  It looked suspiciously like a set up to me. All they needed was some period costumes.

We made the sensible decision to skip the walk. Annoyingly, we had too much to do back home, so although we hadn't really earned our coffee and cakes, we enjoyed them all the same. 
But I'll be back. 

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