Thursday, 28 May 2015

Garden Snooping and Lamb's Ears

Last weekend, my littlest and I scooted out to explore some of the NGS Gardens Open for Charity in Oxfordshire.
I loved doing this last year:

"Everybody's good at cooking something and I'm good at cooking crumble!"
Will I ever look at Rhubarb again without this little ditty in my head? :-)

We had to stroke this super soft plant. (Lamb's Ears:Stachys byzantina) After we checked to make sure that no one was around; we touched our cheeks to the leaves. 
I would like to have some of this in the garden.

I loved this wild area of the garden. They had cleared meandering paths inside which the children were enjoying running around. 
I admire the bravery of allowing the dandelions to grow so freely within the garden and not so far from the allotment area.

Back at home in our garden:

Playhouse Before


I'm still waiting (not so patiently) for the Poppies. The Alliums are opening and I am wishing that we hadn't followed the instructions and planted them in clusters instead of spacing them out.
We've been loving the Daisies, and repairing and painting the playhouse and kiddy bench.
 I'm slightly regretting this because I had liked the worn look and I think that the off white colour isn't funky enough for me.
 In fact, it's all looking a little bit too tidy to be my garden, apart from the mint that is engulfing the little tree there.
 And I am trying to keep on top of this situation by making Mojitos.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mammasaurus

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Dear Stranger: Postcards

Grossglockner- Hochalpenstrasse
Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrabe

I came along this road today.
There is not quite so much snow about as on the picture but there is still plenty of it higher in the hills and it seems funny to be able to see it from the road. The scenery round here is really magnificent. Arrived here just before 6 after a grand day. 

Hungerburgbahn, Innsbruck, Austria

Isafjordur, Iceland
Gullfloss (Golden Waterfall in the river Hvita, South Iceland

Still having a good time and the weather is still fine. The time goes very quickly and we are getting near to the end without noticing. I still have a bit of work to do but it is all enjoyable. Eating well and sleeping well- so is everyone. will write again from Reykjavik.
Trondheim, Norway
Have made it to Trondheim in 2 days from Gothenburg and expect to take about 2 1/2 more to get to where we are going. Taking it easy in fine weather (had 1 wet night) and having a great time. Tremendous views all the way. Has been very like Black Forest until now. 

I collect postcards, and had been admiring the vintage images of these in a pile that I found at the scrap shop.  I was especially pleased to find that these four had been used, and sent by Peter.
I enjoy trying to imagine the rest of Peter's story from the little details given.  Like: what is his work? How and why did these postcards end up in a pile at the scrap shop? Who was he writing to? Was it his mother and father? 

Why am I so nosy?

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May in the Fields of Our Village

Our daily walks are so refreshing. Always something new. 
Over the last month, we have found our new favorite short circuit and routine. 
We are so lucky to live in this village, with these spaces. 

I see hearts.

And I wondered why I got nettle stung on my bottom after sitting here...

You are being watched.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

La Vie en Macro


Curry Plant

Osteospermum has been hosting a pollen based colour run for the bees:-)

Chive Flowers with a visitor

Strawberry Plant Flowers


The girl got busy planting seeds and hoping that it's not too late,
Funnily enough, we wondered the same thing last year.

while, the boys relaxed in the playhouse.

I spruced up the pallet planter, replacing many of the red succulents for the green ones that I prefer. 
It was a lovely weekend for being in the garden.

How Does Your Garden Grow? Mammasaurus