Sunday, 22 November 2015

Lights and Sights:Evening Wander in Oxford

Morse Code at the Museum of the History of Science

Ben's Cookies for dinner

The workers are going home.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

In the Night Garden

On the weekend, when we were heading to the in laws for dinner, my father in law commented that it would be a shame it would be dark when by the time we arrived. The autumn colours were at their finest but it would be too dark to use the camera... unless I used a flash.
Oh no. I don't like flash. 
But when he started discussing how sometimes it's really effective, I thought that actually, it could be fun to try.
And so we spent a while, snooping round the garden, letting off flashes that matched the fireworks in gardens and fields beyond.
There were a few rustles and I was glad to have my garden guide in case we stumbled across any critters.

Of course I had fun and had to play with the flash in our own garden. 
I must remember not to be so anti-flash in the future. 

Mammsaurus HDYGG