Thursday, 17 July 2014

Challenge Art Group Exhibitions

 The final in my series of posts about this Art group. Hopefully, there will be more in the future if I get a chance to run sessions like this again. Fingers crossed.

We had two exhibitions during the running the the club, inviting parents and friends to come and see the work that they have been making. Drinks and nibbles were served and it was rewarding to see it all come together. We did lots of bits and bobs, and each time, I was worried that we hadn't actually made a lot of finished products, but once we set everything out, it was impressive.

I kept most things at home for safekeeping, carrying them back and forth and the mega haul for the exhibition. This is what Thursdays looked like by my front door:

Detail from the collaborative canvas.
Everyone drew a bit on a canvas using Sharpies.

Because this was a collaboration, I got to keep this with me, as it wouldn't be fair to give to only one of the members of the group.

Bringing the Etch A Sketch along to the meets was very handy for those who were speedy creators.  It kept them occupied and creative while waiting for the others.
Everyone worked a different rates.

Aluminium Foil Sculptures

Air drying clay creations

There was not enough wall space in the classroom that we were using, so I bought these large (HUGE) canvases from the works super cheap, as they were also slightly damaged.

We hinged two canvases together to make a display board.

These were very handy and ultra light weight. I know that they will be used again, somehow. However, even though they close nicely, they are still rather large for storage and may be used as a decorative screen in our house somewhere.
A good place to shove some mess behind...

The children displayed their creations as they wanted.

They loved showing the visitors around.
Not everyone had a guest come along, but they were quite happy serving drinks and chatting, answering any questions.
I could see they were so proud, and so was I.

Pop-up Gallery

Water Pistol Watercolour Painted pictures with Sharpie drawing overlays.

I was reluctant to see the art work go, but I was so thankful for the chance to have this little club.
Hoping there will be another one soon!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Random Bits from Art Club

Painting in a different position and perspective.
Michelangelo style.

This was popular. Most of the group had fun trying something a little different, while a couple of others couldn't get their heads around it and preferred painting at the table sitting down, as normal.

I can see that we weren't the first ones to get creative under these tables.

I encouraged colour mixing during this meet.

Creating patterns and pictures with old cds on a sunny day.
Insipired by Bruce Munro.

Outlining a body. Cd Angel.


That black cd concerns me. What does it represent? They knew it was there. They placed it there intentionally.

The sun hits at the right angle and does this!

A rainy day Art Club, kid and supplies in tow.

Finger knitting with loops for yarn bombing the school was a MASSIVE hit. 

Once they had made their chains, we attached them onto the front rails of the school, but only overnight.
They were concerned that they would be stolen.

I would love to be able to knit and yarn bomb something on a larger scale.
Or failing that, run a really large art group and get all the kids to knit more and more and more for decorative purposes.

Another activity using old cds.
Let dry...

Then scratch patterns into the surface using sharp implements.
Toothpicks didn't work for us, so we improvised.