Sunday, 28 September 2014

Goodnight John-Boy!

When we were passing through Skylar, Virginia this summer, I was excited to pop out and snoop around The Waltons. I was disappointed that we had missed the opening times for the Museum, but got a kick out of visiting the boyhood home of Earl Hamner (John Boy) . In the Country Store, they give you a key to open up the house on your own, a sweet touch that really adds to the snooper's delight. 
Although I don't think that anyone lives here, it felt very homely to me. So simple, uncluttered and peaceful. 

I like this wardrobe very much.

I would have liked to have hung out a bit longer, and plinky plunked on the piano, but I was aware that hubby was in the car with the kids and the engine running, so it was a quick tour for my aunt and myself.

Love this. 

                    In memory I go there each night, I stand beside the gate, look up to the house,
                 and once again I here the voices of my mother and father, my brothers and sisters
                 as we call goodnight to each other before we sleep.

                              The End...Earl Hamner
                   The Walton-Hamner Homestead

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Wink and a Smile

While I haven't managed to pull those weeds out yet, I've made a teensy bit of progress in the garden. 
And it's beginning to feel a lot better.

In the setting sun. 
On the wall that I can see from the kitchen while I'm cooking.
The garden can be a total, overwhelming mess. But this; just this, is enough.
The best shadow display in town.

To prove me wrong; a defiant sunflower blooms. 

I adore this stubborn missy. I didn't think that Osterspermums hung around through until Autumn. 
She reminds me of a certain young lady who refuses to come in from play break at school unless you coax her back to class with a song and dance. 
(I love my job.)

I get a little confidence boost from this cheeky chap.
He makes me blush.

I take a little comfort in seeing that the Bamboo has survived my neglect. 
Guilt, guilt. Always guilt. 
When I return to tend to my old plants with my tail between my legs, they seem to stand up straight and swish about and try to assure me they are fine, really they've been fine.
I'm sorry plants.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

A tad overwhelming and off-putting.
I could say it's because of those big spiders we have seen everywhere, and the toads that like to startle me. I don't want to get all caught up in webs as I crawl around on me knees pulling out the weeds.
I don't want toads hopping around my toes.
I could blame our busy schedules.
Or maybe it's that time of year, the post summer blues... and the passion wanes for a while as the plants and gardeners try to adjust to the new season; the new start.

 The Sunflowers that never bloomed.

Some of the cornflowers are still going strong.

Collecting the seeds from the Poppies and Nigellas.

This lovely, unplanned Crocosmia Lucifer has just gone over, but it was a welcome site in a garden full of faded colours. (No filters or edits on this baby)

These thorny vines hung down from the overgrown hedge. All the way down to the ground at kiddy height. ( Since these shots were taken, we have finally tackled the hedge for this year.)

A rather pristine looking Primrose,surrounded, yet not smothered by weeds and the mini time team diggers.

I know it's bad, but this weed thing twists and turns so gracefully as it takes over. I haven't sorted it out yet, but I know that it will be most satisfying to pull out.   
And I suppose that is the good thing about letting things get out of control. When I finally get to work on it, a little, will make a big difference.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

New Forest Weekender

I lieu of text, I feel that I could simply replace any words for this post with: gushy, gush, gush gush. I will try to refrain, and talk like a person whose feet are planted on solid ground and not away with the fairies, but it's hard. Just look at this place!
A few weeks ago, we went to The New Forest for a camping weekend.
The weather was gorgeous, the nature was gorgeous, we met some gorgeous people...(The lovely Annie and her littles:-))

I was in a pretty happy place here. Ferns to the left of me, Heathers to my right! I was Stuck in the Middle...

I bet these colours are in abundance now. I am keen to go back to find out.

One day, I would love to bike here. Or if I can keep up the running, it would be a good place to pull a Forrest and just keep runnin'.
Wild Horses everywhere.