Thursday, 26 March 2015

Feed Me Seymour

I've been bad. And I'm ashamed. 
There is no excuse for this kind of neglect, but it happened. Christmas through to March seems to be our busiest time of the year, and this year was no exception. 

In juggling the balls, I let the garden ball slip. 

I lost 1 houseplant; 2 are in critical condition and at least 1 has been quietly and discretely removed from my care by my green-thumbed in-laws. 

I could hide from the HDYGG link up for a while longer, red-faced;  but I thought I could also be honest with the whole gardening thing.
Stuff happens. 
When I shamefully confessed to the Hubs that I have killed a few plants, he responded with a shrug "Oh well!"
I guess. 

I'm still slapping myself on the wrist about it all. Like: "a plant is for life, not just a season darn it! Don't take things in if you can't look after them properly. Lazy woman!"

But you know, things change. 
Last year, I had more time to potter out in the garden and do bits and bobs. This year, I have a new job that I love, but not as much time for the garden.
So I just need to help my plants to be a bit more independent and place them in better locations so that they can fend for themselves while I'm out having a career. 

 This is the worst. So, so sad and thirsty, but when I have noticed this, it's always in the evening when things are cooling down and I then I worry about the frost if I soaked it too late in the day. I think I'll give this guy a whole new makeover and use the cuttings that reproduce so well. A good seeing to and a soaking. It will be ok.

These ones look alright. 
But that's because they are fake

Real women have overgrown bits and bobs, right?
Like lavender here:

She hasn't cut her overgrowth since who knows when!
(And she still has gentlemen bumblebee callers. Not like those fake bloomers.)

Stuff is growing. It's still happening in places, despite the neglect.

 I am a messy person, and I tend to let things get out of control before I tackle them. I think I do this (subconsciously) so that when I do sort things out and clean them up, there is a bigger impact. I wonder if I'm am trying to create my own Secret Garden, leaving things to neglect just so that I can swoop in with Spring and make things right again. Like a hero.
It's not all bad though. 

New growth at the end of the old, dry twigs of last years' growth.

Daffodils are not my cup of tea, except chopped and displayed in a vase, but these ones stay. They are trying their hardest to attract eyes away from the mess. 

This Buddleia was a scrawny thing, pretty much dead. But as a last attempt to help it, I tied it to the wash line for support. It's doing well and up to my chest now. But it's interfering with the kids' pole climbing.

Some stuff is happy, regardless. Some things are dead. And some things will be ok with a bit of attention over the holidays.

I was noticing a pattern and hoping that maybe this was just normal post winter messy-look so I looked back at:
This time last year
This time last year
In general, things were looking better, but still needed some TLC. I think things will be fine. Easter holidays are here, so I'll have a bit more time to get stuck in. I need to get things ready for when the Poppies come again!

How Does Your Garden Grow

Monday, 23 March 2015

T-shirt Quilt

This has been a few years in the making. Or collecting. 
"Every patch means something."
Every patch, another memory of my babies growing up. Moments, holidays, phases...
it's all going so fast. 

The blue top our littlest wore when he began to walk, the Bob the Builder pjs he wore with his belly popping out...
It was a little bit hard chopping them into rough blocks. But not as hard as giving them away.
And they all got pieced together in the end.

We sewed them onto a cheap, soft fleece blanket and the result is perfect. Cozy, slightly heavy, warm and familiar.

They shared for a bit,

but they all wanted it for themselves!

Sentimental journey through t-shirts

Other Quilts in Randomnest past: A Stitch in TimeQuiltingWhere the Blankets Are

This post is especially for Grandma, who introduced me to quilting and so much more. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Traipsing Around

While the older two were off in the forest practicing navigation skills with Cubs, we took the time to frolick in the sun with the littlest and dog in Bernwood Meadows and Forest.

These little bunny tails got stroked. 

He found a random dried up ear of corn in the middle of the field.

"Can I take it home?" 
This "treasure" is now hiding in our car somewhere...

                                                           Oh Christmas Tree!

A popular drinking spot. 
When I was cycling next to these woods last year, a creature quickly crossed the road ahead of me. I had no idea what it was at the time and was a little bit creeped out. When I described it to my Father in Law, he thought it might have been a Muntjac Deer.
 I wondered if any of these hoof prints belonged to one of them...

A perfect bouncy seat and catapault.

Playing Kerplunk

After all that exploring, he hitched a ride and had a pretend nap.
Loving the chilled Sunday after a super busy month.

                                                                    Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall